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45/410 anyone ?

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  • 45/410 anyone ?

    I had a Comanche single shot pistol , you know one of those cheap Brazilian things , and the 45 Colts would shoot about a foot at 50 yd with anything but a fairly soft bullet nudged along gently . The external choke was sort of interesting . They were cut in either wad lock super turckey or about 50 cal . The over sized makes sense to shoot the Colts and I guess the super full makes sense too . The grooves are only about 6 scratches down the bore but would open up a 410 to man chest at 25 ft . The turkey choke kept it under 8" at 30 yd and only a little bigger than the Colts groups at 50 .

    Brass cases seemed like a good idea so I groused around for.a few 303 Britt and necked them up to 45 with a snort of something left over from pulls a bunch of meat tray wad cards and a .454 RB . Umm ever see a ML ball look like a Cheerio ? 12.0 Unique will do that in a 25 yd dry powder clay bank ......

    I thought self we should have a slug load . This is where the picture makes sense .
    I had a 45 cal maxi ball mould so I poured 30-40 in WW and loaded them over 9 gr of Unique . The target didn't look any better than the Colts but it was a fun trip and leaves some room for explaination in the vein of "the 12 ga from hell"

    Making 410 brass cases is a pain from 303 or 30-40 making the cost of 444 or 460 cases worth it all of these come up a little to a lot short in the chamber . 410 correct cases will run over $1.50 ea so I've been thinking about maybe using belted mag brass and turning off the belt . Dimensionally it should be close and if you happen into some of the Weatherby cases you might even get full length 3" cases out of them .