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  • Wow ! Dragoon !

    So I bought this 1849 Colts 2nd model Dragoon . It's a 1970s vintage ASM . The color case is awesome , the barrel is a little ragged . I've had it the best part of 2 yr and not popped a cap yet .
    last Saturday I fixed that .
    I figure this thing is a completely unknown gun , I've got nothing on this 40 yr old C&B pistol . So I use a 45 Colts case for a powder measure and it fills the cylinder about 1/2 way , add a felt wad and jam a .451 ball in it 454s here not happening without a cheater bar . Now this is a full on hammer down load in either a 58 Rem or a 60 Colts and it's more powder than the original 44-40 or 45 Colts will take even heavily compressed .
    ​​​​That went bang , actually it was more crackboom - ding . So I went back and reloaded after getting 6 down range with the gun in one piece . 42 gr of FFFg Swiss and that pitiful little 140 gr RB . Oh yeah ! No stutter this time ! Boom ding ! Boom ding ! Yep that's what I wanted . So I guess I'll be on the lookout for a Picket conical now . I suppose I could go ahead and use my oversize 430421 until then . 40 gr by volume of BP and a 257gr WC should pretty much disable any steel or paper targets it runs into with almost the throttle authority of a 44 mag .